2019 State Accountability Ratings

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2019 State Accountability Ratings
Posted on 08/15/2019

Today, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) released the 2019 state accountability ratings for districts and schools across the state. This is the second year that TEA’s Accountability Ratings are based on an A-F scale for districts and the first year that campuses are rated on an A-F scale.

Districts have received a report card from the state with further information about performance in three areas: “Student Achievement”, “School Progress” and “Closing the Gaps.”

Calhoun County ISD’s 2019 report card indicates a performance rating of 83/100 in “Student Achievement”, 88/100 in “School Progress” and 86/100 in “Closing the Gaps.” The district’s overall accountability rating for 2019 is an 87/100, or a “B.” Additionally, Calhoun County ISD schools earned a total of 17 designation distinctions for outstanding performance in a variety of areas.

The district’s report card has improved a letter grade since last year.

“Calhoun County ISD recognizes the many teachers and staff across the district whose focus on targeted instructional plans has continued to provide a high quality education for students,” said Calhoun County ISD Superintendent Larry Nichols. “We went to school 20 more days during the 2018-2019 instructional year than we did the previous year, and our teachers made every minute count.”

For a closer look at the ratings, TEA encourages parents, educators and community members to visit to view district and school report cards.

One minute video about 2019 Accountability Ratings: