031920 7 p.m. update

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March 19 7 p.m. update
Posted on 03/19/2020

The Calhoun County ISD School Board met Thursday, March 19, and acknowledged Governor Abbott’s proclamation to close schools through April 3, with remote learning to begin March 30.

The board adopted a resolution to continue compensation and wage payments for employees. An email detailing further information for employees has been sent.

Additionally, district officials presented the following information regarding child nutrition and remote learning:

Child Nutrition Services:

The district is committed to provide two meals per day for children 18 years and younger (21 and younger for special needs children) starting Wednesday, March 25. Meals (lunch + the next day’s breakfast) will be served curbside, Monday through Friday, at six locations across the district. Children must be present to receive the meal, and families are asked to remain in their vehicle throughout the pickup process.  

Click here to see the initial CCISD Child Nutrition COVID-19 Action Plan, including times and location of meal pick up …

Remote Learning:

Calhoun County ISD’s instructional strategy is transitioning into a remote learning format starting March 30. Teacher lesson plans and directions will be posted on the Calhoun County ISD Staff Directory, located at the top right corner of the district’s website, under the teacher’s name. As much of the remote learning plan is online-based, the district is investigating options to provide WiFi at public locations for families needing Internet access. As further plans are finalized, information will be provided on the district’s website, on the COVID-19 Update Center.

Click here to see the initial Calhoun County ISD Remote Learning Plan …