Apr 28 update

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Apr 28 update: remote learning still in place & end of year programs being planned
Posted on 04/28/2020

Update from Calhoun County ISD:
On Monday, Governor Abbott spoke about the possibility of easing restrictions and reopening identified businesses and services. 
The order for schools to practice Remote Learning and social distancing is still in place. Calhoun County ISD will continue to follow our safe scheduling practices through our principals and supervisors. Many employees will continue to work from home unless scheduled. 

End of year ceremonies and celebrations are being planned by our administrators. As plans are finalized and calendars coordinated, updates will be shared. CCISD will continue to follow the CDC and state guidelines for social distancing and safe business practices.

Please, don't hesitate to reach out to your campus if you have questions. We appreciate our community's continued support during this time.