March 31 update

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March 31 update: verification required for meals
Posted on 03/31/2020

The Texas Department of Agriculture has provided further clarification about the USDA waiver that enables adults to pick up meals for children at meal distribution sites, without the children being present.

Moving forward, and starting tomorrow, April 1, adults picking up meals for children at any Calhoun County site will need to demonstrate proof of the child’s identify once, to obtain verification. Once identification is confirmed, staff managing the meal distribution sites will provide the individual picking the meals up with a yellow paper that verifies name and number of children. The individuals picking up meals may keep that yellow paper (proof of verification) with them for future meal pick-ups whenever their children are not present.

Here are the options for verification:

1. Children can be physically-present at the time of meal pick up. The children can be brought to the site once and verified. Then, as long as the parent has the proof of verification (yellow paper) they are not required to be present at pick-ups in the future.

2. Or, an adult can still pick up meals for children not present, as long as they can provide a form of identification, including, but not limited to:

  • School identification card
  • School report card
  • Child’s passport
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Government-issued child identification card
  • Any documentation proving parent/guardian identity and relationship the child, such as adoption decree or record from a doctor/clinic/hospital/religious/daycare.

The key message for our community to understand, is that Calhoun County ISD’s Child Nutrition team is committed to provide meals for children while school facilities are not open. The district appreciates everyone’s understanding and patience, as we continue to modify the program to best meet our community’s needs and also comply with guidance from state and federal agencies.

Questions about this new information can be directed to the CCISD Child Nutrition office, 361-552-5356, between the hours of 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Please continue monitoring the Calhoun County ISD website’s COVID-19 page for updates and information. Meal distribution update are shared regularly on the Calhoun County ISD and CCISD Child Nutrition Facebook pages.